For much more frequent updates swing on over to the Facebook page. You can do it without a link. We believe in you.

Response to the new album has been overwhelming to say the least. Never have we had any product that has gotten so much airplay or been added to so many playlists. Thanks to all of the radio stations/podcasts across the planet that picked up on this so quickly.

Over the years our recorded output has made its way onto the internet in a somewhat sporadic fashion. We’ve been working hard to get this sorted the last several months. All of our primary album releases can now be found on any major streaming site. This includes some stuff that has been long out of print. Enjoy.

The new album, “You Have The Right… To Remain Sexy” is 100% mastered and ready to print! Waiting on that artwork, always waiting on the art.

Over the weekend we finished all tracking for the new album at Million Yen Studios. Just gotta mix it down and get the cover art finalized.

We are booked at Million Yen on May 22nd to finish up the new album. Deja Vu.

As you all recall ILR promised you a new EP this year. We even put up two advance tracks in anticipation of delivering on that promise. Then, Covid. Like everyone else we’ve been left wondering what to do. The answer is that we’re going to make lemons out of our lemonade. The band has been writing, a lot. The material coming out is as strong as anything we already recorded. So, the plan is to get back into the studio for one more session later this year and simply add it on to what we already did. It’s gonna be good. We work hard for you.

May is our Birth month. I Love Rich has been going for 27 years non-stop. We never quit. We never took a break. We don’t only get together for those big shows that are conveniently scheduled on holiday weekends. Rock’n’Roll is not about convenience. It’s about living it. This isn’t some nostalgia show. Once the world is moving forward again our new album, “You Have the Right… To Remain Sexy” will be issued properly. Thanks for being here.

See, you didn’t believe us, but the first track from the new album is up on Soundcloud now for your listening pleasure. We’re finalizing our plans for the full album release. Fame and fortune is guaranteed.

After a stupid long delay we finally mastered the new album. Details coming soon, honest.

After a stupid long delay we have time booked at Million Yen to finish up the new album in February. We hear that rock records are going to be huge in 2019

It’s May, 2018. We’re 25 years old, hooray!

The band spent the weekend locked away at Million Yen studios laying down the groundwork for our new EP, “You Have the Right… To Remain Sexy”. There is still some tracking to be done, but expect it on store shelves for the second half of the year.

Fun Fact: The quickest way to make a million bucks is for a bunch of old dudes to make a rock record. Those hip kids do love purchasing rock and roll records at the mall.
Having realized this, I Love Rich will be back in Million Yen Studios at the beginning of March to begin their next album. Good times are ahead

It’s May, which is our birthday month. That means I Love Rich has been going non-stop for 23 years solid as of right now. It’s been a pretty quiet year so far, but that is going to change. See you all soon.

It’s 2016. The band is getting younger by the day. Before long the kids will think we’re cool again. In the meantime we’re writing a new album. Hopefully we’ll be recording over the summer, and have it released by 2056. As always, go to the facebook page to find much more frequent updates than what you see here. We’re also going to play more gigs this year than last. That’s what rock bands do. We go out and kick ass. Xoxoxoxo

We’re still here

Respect The Rich is being pressed as we speak and will available at the 20th annual Richmas, 2013

In May of 1993, I Love Rich (aka – the greatest band in the world) formed. Generally we don’t make much of milestones. This time though it is worth acknowledging that we’ve been out there kicking ass for twenty non-stop years. We never took a break from performing. We never diminished our accomplishments by doing any of those embarrassing, half-assed reunion shows. Even when band members have had near death experiences, or serious bodily injury we kept it going. So, fuck yeah for us! Twenty years of giving you the best orgasm’s of your life. That’s how we roll. You don’t realize just how lucky you are to have us.

XOXO, Drewblood

The second weekend of August I Love Rich will return to Million Yen studios with the fabulous Andy Gerber at the board to begin work on our next record – Respect The Rich. Release is slated for early 2017, or late 2019 (whichever comes first). That’s a fairly quick turnaround in Rich time. Keep yourself glued to Facebook, MySpace, and whatever else for slightly more frequent updates.

For those of you who didn_t know, the headaches, lawsuits, delays and trials are over, the rock is coming. Yes, the much delayed, the _been in the can so long it almost seems wrong to call it new_, the _it_s so delayed it_s coming out a year after fucking Guns and Roses released _Chinese Democracy_ for Gods Sake!_, blah, blah, whatever smartass comment you_d like to make about it, the fact is the CD release of the year is at the printers and will be in our hands soon.

That’s right, I LOVE RICH 3: SEASON OF THE RICH is finally, I mean FINALLY coming out!

We will be celebrating its release with a few bad-ass shows, details of which will be posted soon, probably by early next week. The band is going to be up and rocking in October, and for a good run. We’ll have the same great line up with some great new tunes.

Requests for press kits/reviews/radio/etc should be sent to

Press and whatnot should be in the mail by mid October, so let us know.

Love you all,

We will be mastering the new EP on August 1st. Official release info will follow shortly there after.

We ended up going back in to Million Yen to redo what we had started in the fall. The results were considerably better this time around. All we have to do is mix it down and then we’ll let you all know about the release info.

Last month we were holed up in the studio working on our next release. At this point we still have some overdubs and vocals to lay down. Once we have it mixed down we’ll let you all know what the release plans are – likely early next year. Keep tabs on the MySpace page.

We haven’t been playing out much lately so we can focus on writing material for a new release. At the moment we are fleshing out some excellent material. Most likely we’ll book some studio time for late spring/early summer. Inbetween now and then there will be some gigs. At the moment we’re just waiting for some dates to be finalized. See you all soon.

Ladies and Ladies,

We have finally gotten around to posting news about our upcoming shows. Here it is, details and all.

1)On Saturday November, 19 2005 we will playing at Lincoln Lanes Bowling Alley, 4874 N. Lincoln (above Ace Hardware), in Chicago. We will be playing with our good buddies the Dirtbox Racers and the Boys on Trial. It’s my birthday weekend! So I’ll be drunker than usual, don’t miss it! Come out and buy me some Jager. All Ages, and it’s a FREE SHOW too.

2) On Sunday December 11th, we will be playing the Darkroom 2210 W. Chicago with our good buddies in the Plastik Explosives. 21 + over, but you should all still go. More details as they become available.

3) December 23rd will be the 12th ANNUAL I LOVE RICH XXX-MASS show! 12th annual! Wow. It will be at the Beat Kitchen, for our good friends at MP Shows. Time and other bands TBA.

Love you all,

The show with the Queers was awesome, all the bands the were great and the crowd was really good, with one notable exception. So a big thanks to MP Shows, the crew @ the Bottom Lounge and all the other Bands – The Queers, The Plastik Explosives, The Rotten Fruits and TSAR. All woth checking out. Really
And we’re playing the Abbey this week with HOT ACTION and a few others, details below –
August 11th we will be making our triumphant return to the ABBEY PUB @ 3420 W. Grace Street in Chicago. We are headlining, also on the bill will be HOT ACTION, Ekllypse, and the iband. It’s a 21 and over show that will actually start early, @ 8:30. Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster, be sure to get your tickets now! If you need more info check it out – Abbey Pub

Okay, you should be able to watch our new video, the one for “Let’s Get it On Tonight” online right now as long as you have a real player on your computer. And really who doesn’t have a real player? We are hoping to get it posted in other formats soon, but apparently posting a video online is the about the hardest fucking thing in the world to do, so give it some time or take the 10 minutes to upload a real player, you’ll be glad you did.
In other news we will be announcing a few shows by tuesday and we are getting quite a few reviews for the new disc coming in, so check them out on the review page. And if you haven’t yet, buy the fucking disc already!
Also, for those of you who are whining about this site not being updated often enough, our myspace site gets updated way quicker than this one, so keep an eye on that one over here –
In other news, while I would normally never recommend someone actually spend one second of their life in the place, in August there will be a benefit at Bourbon Street on the Southside for the family of our friend Eddie who passed away a few months ago. More info can be found here

Hey all, the big news is that we are playing the Abbey Pub Thursday 5/26/2005. The Abbey is a really cool place to come out and see a rock show, so you should swing by if you can. We will be playing with Injured Parties, Na, and fellow Sonic Wave recording artists Winter. It should be a doozy. Plenty more shows and news to come. The Abbey Pub is located at 3240 W. Grace in Chicago.

2 quick things. First off, as you probably know we are having our record release show this Wed March 23rd @ the Double Door in Chicago. It’s going to rock you like a motherfucking hurricane, so I would advise you go unless you want to miss out on rock and roll history my friends. ALSO, we now have a myspace group! Actually, someone set it up for us a while back and we finally figured out how to use it today (hey, we’re fucking rock stars, not computer guys, all right?) so if you’re into this kinda thing, check it out here –
See you Wed night.

Okay, first off we’d like to thank Joe Fabulous over at WCRX for letting us be the highlight of his radio show Wednesday night, we had a great interview where we learned a lot of things, not the least of which was that it’s apparently still to early for tsunami jokes….
Now for the important stuff, first off, the fact that I LOVE RICH will be headlining the DOUBLE DOOR in Chicago Wednesday March 23rd. Everyone should make it out. This will be your first chance to purchase YEAR OF THE RICH at one of our shows.
But why wait for the show? YOu can buy it online NOW. Buy it at Amazon, Best Buy or Sam Goody.
More news to come.

Whoo hoo. The auto show was really something. The lucky people got to see our sexy asses on a Jumbotron! Big thanks go to our friends at the Legacy group (especially Joey V.) for setting everything up and being cool. We’ll have show updates and the official release date by the end of this week.

Okay, as you may or may not have heard I LOVE RICH is playing on the Chrysler stage at the CHICAGO AUTO SHOW this year. We’re playing @ 5:00 pm on Feb. 19th, which is a Saturday night. So if the Auto Show is your thing (and really, who’s ideal evening doesn’t revolve around paying 10 bucks to walk around and look at cars you’ll never be able to afford) come out and see some rock as well.

So much going on, so little time to get it on… so let’s get on with it, all right?
This upcoming Friday, Jan. 21st, I LOVE RICH will be guests on WLUW radio here in Chicago. We will be on the “FULL ON FRIDAY” program around 4:00 in the afternoon. We will take part in what will surely be a spellbinding interview with Nick Tristano, as well as debuting tracks from our new album, ‘THE YEAR OF THE RICH’. WLUW is at 88.7 FM on your radio dial, or if you’re out of state or in a downtown office building you can check it out online at
SUNDAY JAN. 30th is a date for you to mark on your calendars for many reasons. First off, we will playing a rock and roll set and the Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave) with the very kick ass band DUMMY. But more importantly, we will be shooting our first ever music video that night. It’s going to have a lot of footage of our show, of course, but we’re also going to have a loose concept running through it all too, so get a hold of us if you want to be a part of it. It’s going to be fun, and we were told the budget for our video would be equal to the budget of the Van Halen “Jump” video, so you know it can only turn out well.
It should also be noted that a few lucky ladies this night will be brought back to my house to work on a new video series I’m working on, but that’s another topic…
‘THE YEAR OF THE RICH’ is at the press right now, and it will be in stores in early March, and probably available at our shows sooner than that. So it’s going to be in your hands soon, I can smell your anticipation all the way over here…
That’s about it for now, more on the Darkroom show / video next week.

The album “YEAR OF THE RICH” is done, we should finish the artwork this weekend and get in to Sonic Wave sometime next week. Hopefully they can get it out in time for the holidays, because it’ll be the best gift you could buy someone. Actually, you know what would be better than 1 I LOVE RICH album as a gift? Buying someone 2 copies! Also, we have shows coming up, 12/12 at the Darkroom and the 11th annual RICH-MASS show will be December 23rd, venue will be announced early next week. Lots more to announced soon.

We almost forgot to report, the new record, which will be called “YEAR OF THE RICH” though we may title it ‘HEY YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER IT’S THE YEAR OF THE RICH!!!!” is close to done. 8 songs are finished (we recorded 4 new ones last weekend). Release date, label info and new shows will be announced real soon. Hope you all had good holiday, you fucking deserved it.

Quick news update for you all. First off we’re playing FRIDAY AUGUST 6th at CALS BAR in downtown Chicago (400 S. Wells) with our good friends MULLIGAN STU, who are coming on down from Rockford IL to play some rock and roll for your beautiful asses. In other news, we’re going to finish recording the new record “YEAR OF THE RICH” at the end of August, and (hopefully) we’ll have it out sometime in October. We should have some major news on it within the next few weeks. Lot’s of shows etc. to be booked soon as well. Keep checking back for updates..

First off, as you’ve probably noticed, we have the new songs up on the site. We know you’re enjoying them, as they fucking rule. Secondly, we’re playing the Movieside film festival at the Biograph theater on June 19th, we’re playing before the midnight show. We’re just playing a quick set, but if you’re swinging by to see “Tromeo and Juliet” (truly a great film, and hey, Lemmy is in it) show up and see a little bit of rock and roll before hand. Read all about it here

Hey fuckers, got some news. First off, we’re playing over at the BOTTOM LOUNGE next SATURDAY, MAY 8TH. It promises to be a hot show, we’re playing with our friends inMEXICAN CHEERLEADER and a whole lot else. Show starts at 8:00, we’re 5th out of 6th, so probably around 10:30 11:00 or so. And it’s 18 + over show, I know a few of you have been ragging on us to do an all ages show, which of course this is not, but it’s closer to it than usual.
Also, over the weekend we had an awesome recording session with our buddy Andy Gerber over at MILLION YEN STUDIOS. We’ll have a tune or 2 up on the site soon. The “YEAR OF THE RICH” is coming, better prepare…..

First off, let’s start with the crappy news. The Wildhearts will NOT be playing with us March 30th at Double Door. They got offered the Darkness tour, and they took it. Can’t say I blame them, but it does suck. Anyway, it’s still going to be a hot show, we’ll be playing with the Dragons and Swampass, it’s actually a lower cover now, so I’d still make it out if I was you.
Secondly, WE NOW HAVE MERCH YOU CAN BUY. YES, we have the t-shirt, the lunch boxes, the journal, and the suprisingly comfortable and stylish thong. You can check it all out here

Last Saturday at Double Door was pretty damn rocking. If you missed it, you missed us playing with all star fill in guitarist ACE HARDWHERE from Sloppy Seconds. Should have some pics up soon. Don’t miss our next show Jan. 30th at Cals with the Phenoms, the Forgotten Four, and the Little Sisters of Pittsburgh

You know, I’m definitely not a guy who is scared of a little introspection. And I got to tell you, Tuesday afternoon, sitting around getting shit ready for what was to be the 10TH ANNUAL I LOVE RICH-MAS holiday spectacular, I thought to myself “Rich, you’re 31 years old. Tonight you’re get on stage at the Fireside Bowl, dressed in a fuckin’ Santa suit, and rock the shit out of a bunch of rock and roll maniacs who will be pelting you with all the beer and other miscellaneous gifts you will be getting for them. Are you sure this is something you should be doing at your age?”
Now let me tell you, after playing that show my response is a resounding FUCK YEAH!
And to be honest, I hope I’ll be up there doing this shit at 41 and at 51 and so forth…
It was a great fucking show. Both the Mashers and the Phenoms were great. Both bands are kick ass, go see them when you can, because there are 2 of the best bands in the city. It was very cool they could play with us. Thanks again guys.
The crowd, let me just say, you guys (and gals) were fucking awesome. It’s been kind of a crappy year for us, so let me just say sincerely that it’s awesome so many of you came out on a Tuesday night (during a snowstorm, no less) to rock with us. You all fucking rule. I don’t care what Drew says about you! (that’s a JOKE people! It’s Chuck that thinks you’re all a bunch of morons)
I also have to point out that I want to thank everyone for all the rave reviews of the show. Every time there is a band member shake up in this band, we’ve always come back stronger and better, and I’d have to say we’re doing it all over again with MR. FULL THROTTLE kicking ass on the lead guitar. I mean, you knew this is how it was going to be, but I thought I should point it out. We’re together, we’re ready, and we’re going to kick your ass.
Anyway, once again we totally love all of you, and hopefully, we’ll see you all and more out at the Double Door Jan. 3rd.
Happy fucking holidays!

HUGE NEWS!!! We’re not exactly a politcal band. You all know this. But we’re really let down in the direction of the U.S.A. right now. It’s time for a change. And it’s a 2 party system. And since Bush is in the Republican Party, we’re obviously going to endorse a Democrat. And looking over the 9 canidates, there’s one obvious choice. A man who’s worked at bringing people together for years. A man who has lots and lots of public service expierence. And most importantly, a man with great hair who’s hung out with James Brown! The only choice I see is that I LOVE RICH IS OFFICIALY ENDORSING THE REVEREND AL SHARPTON FOR PRESIDENT! A vote for anyone else is a vote against America. Are you against America?

Rev. Al Sharpton for President. The only sensible choice ….
Rev. Al

Yes, we played a show over the weekend. It was quiet, sort of a getting tuned up kind of gig, which was cool, exactly what we needed. It was a bit of an odd bill, the other bands played acoustically, so to put it mildly we didn’t really fit in, but it was still a good time. Saying something like “I’d rather play with limp acoustic acts than some nu-metal band that sounds like they have cookie monster singing” is the kind of thing you all expect to come out of my mouth (especially after a few drinks), but after Saturday I’m not sure if that’s true. And I have to say, even though the Mutiny isn’t exactly the greatest venue on earth, the people who run that place might be the nicest bar staff in the world. We have a few more shows in the works, and there are a few up in the show section. So we’ll see you out at one of our rock shows soon.

So,what’s up with our fine asses you ask? We are getting ready to play. We have a new guitar player to go with Chuck E. Sleeze, and it’s really sounding great, if I dare say so myself (I’d hate to come off a little arrogant). Actually, we’d have a few shows set if a certain nameless drummer, ahem, wasn’t headed to Europe for a few weeks. But we’ll have some dates locked up by weeks end. Look for gigs from mid October on.
For the skeptics (you know who you are) the deal is this – The BS is over. We will book shows. We will show up for them. We will be sober (well, close enough). We will go on when we’re supposed too. And, most importantly, we will rock you like a motherfucking hurricane.
The dates will be up as soon as they are confirmed….

I hear your ragging on me, so FINALLY, here’s your update as to what’s going on with us. First off, the big news (Drum roll please) …… Danney is not going to be in the band anymore. For a while, at least. Why? The no B.S. answer is that he’s got some health issues that he needs to address, both related to the fall and other ones. We’re still friends and I really don’t feel comfortable going into any more detail about it than that. Also, he’s got a lot of stuff to get together after the fall and being unable to work for the past 6 months or so. So it’s no small task. We wish him only the best and I’ll say that he’s really the only guy who used to be in the band who may actually come back. And I really hope he gets his problems taken care of, because above all, Danney is a really nice guy and I hope he can get it together.
This is basically the reason as to why we haven’t done much the past few months. We were supposed to get things up and going again in May with Danney (who wasn’t ready) and another guitar player who to put it politely, flaked out and is not going to be in the band. I had just gotten worn down by dealing with shit that goes with being in the band, so we took a little break. I needed to recharge or I was going to go crazy. But after a few months of hanging out, drinking too much, watching Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal films, going to see bands that we’re better than and screaming at the Cubs both in person and on TV, we’re now locked, cocked and ready to rock. So here’s what’s up.
We’re basically ready to do shows now. Anyone who has seen us do the 3 piece thing with Chuck E. Sleaze knows that this line up is more than able to deliver the goods. We’ll also working on a more permanent line-up too (even though, as a replacement, Chuck has been pretty damn permanent). We’ll be booking shows soon. Should have some stuff announced next week.
And for those of you who’ve been sending in for my wonderful and solid advice, there’s a new “Ask Dr. Tung” column going up too!
Anyway, enough of the serious shit. It’s summer and the Supreme Court just struck down the anti-Sodomy laws! Go outside and enjoy your summer!

Well, when I said we were playing “for sure” on May 30th, I guess I misspoke, because now that gig is cancelled. We’re going to do another date there, but as of yet, no date has been set. More shows will booked soon. And then probably cancelled, because that’s just the way we do things……

We are bummed to inform you all that we have pulled out of the Pink Lincolns/Methadones show at the Prodigal Son Friday night. Danny needs another surgery and Chuck already had a show booked with the Sonnets are playing, so we don’t have a guitar player available for the show. We apologize to our friends in the Methadones and our friends over at the Prodigal Son. Go to the show anyway, the Methadones fucking rock! We will be for sure playing the 30th at the Lyons Den. If you want to see us live, that’s the show to hit because God only knows when (or IF) we’ll play out again after that. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

St. Louis was great last Saturday. Met some new people, made some new friends, and the show was pretty cool. Check out our show page, we have a few new additions, and there’s a lot more coming! In other news, if I was you (and I’m glad I’m not) I’d definitely make sure I hit one of the Mashers last shows (Saturday the 26th at the Fireside or May 3rd in Elgin somewhere). A great band, it’s really sad to see them break up.

Went to visit Danny on Sunday. He’s getting better, and he’s in pretty good spirits. He’s doing much better than I’d be sitting around with 2 broken legs. Anyway, we’re hopeful he’ll be recovered (or close enough) for the show in St. Louis. If not, we already have our plan “B” line up in place, so I guess we’ll see what happens. I’d like to thank all of you for sending us your well wishes, they’ve really helped cheer Danny up.

What’s up with I LOVE RICH? Well, we’re not going to play out until April. Why? Because last Thursday night our lead guitarist Danny Lee Thrill fell off of a third floor balcony. He’s actually pretty lucky, even though he broke both of his legs, considering he fell 35 feet, this really could have been a lot worse. I mean, if he had landed on his head or back, odds are I’m telling you a much less happy story right about now. So don’t worry, he’ going to be fine, but it’s going to be at least a month until he starts walking again, so we’re not playing any shows until April 19th in St. Louis. So we’re not playing Feb. 22nd at Oasis 160.

All right – now to answer the questions you inevitably have here –

1) No, he wasn’t drunk or high when he fell, it was just a fluke thing.

2) No, he wasn’t thrown off the balcony by Drew or I while involved in the inevitable “which Nitro album is best” (I’m partial to “O.F.R” myself) debate.

3) Yes, he’s still in the band, this isn’t some BS we made up while we look for another guitar player.

So that’s it. We’re not playing until April. We’ll see you then. Later.

St. Louis was a blast over the weekend. Show was a bit of an odd line up, but it worked, so alls well that ends well. We will be back soon. In other news, please note that the Oasis 160 show was moved to Feb. 22nd, so we are NOT playing this weekend. That’s it for now, but keep checking the site because we have some big news on the horizon

A few words from Rich…

RICH-Mass was great, as always! The whole show rocked. THE MAKEOUTS played the best set I’ve seen them play, and I had almost forgotten how much I liked LYNARDS INNARDS. The Mushuganas were great too, if this really was their second to last show (I for one, am VERY CYNICAL that they’re actually hanging it up) we are about to lose one of the best bands we have here in town. But even after all that, we totally did steal the show! And for the record (for those of you who were too lame to show up) we played “I Wanna Be A Cheerleader” for the first time in about 5 years. And I can guarantee it’ll be at least another 5 until we play it again. Maybe we can do it for RICH-MASS 2007! You’ll just have to wait and see…..

Voting for which classic I Love Rich song you want to hear at the 9TH ANNUAL I LOVE RICH RICH-MASS Spectacular is OVER! Which song won? Well I guess you’ll just have to come out and see for yourself! 8:00 P.M., Monday night, FIRESIDE BOWL, be there!

A few words from Rich…

First off, from now on I want I LOVE RICH to be referred to as “beloved local punk legends” like Aesch from CRC did in his last newsletter! So refer to us as “beloved local punk legends” until we get signed, then you can just refer to us as “legends”. Also, from now on, when I’m conversing with you peasants I would like to be addressed as “Your Majesty” instead of just by my name, but we’ll take this one step at a time.
Secondly, everyone should go out and check out the latest issue of MK ULTRA MAGAZINE (I believe it’s Volume #2, Issue #2) for a little interview with me in there. I think it came out pretty funny, undoubtlly the highlight of the issue, so go out and get it!
I would also like to point out that we’re knocked out by how many of you people have voted for your favorite “old school” (god, I fucking hate that phrase) ILR tune. As of 3:56 P.M. December 12th we have received 3,039 votes! And we expect all 3,039 of you to turn up at the show! They are busy expanding the capacity at the Fireside as we speak, but we may have to do two sets.

We are NOT playing that News Years Eve show with Callaghan and Smear Campaign and everyone else. But that’s even MORE of a reason why you shouldn’t miss the 9TH ANNUAL I LOVE RICH XXX-MASS SHOW December 23rd at the Fireside Bowl! A few other new show announcements on the show page too.

Milwaukee was awesome. “Trashfest” was a blast, we had a great time playing to Milwaukee’s gay and lesbian community. In other news, you are now able to vote for your favorite old song for us to play at the RICH-mass show. Your vote counts, so get on it now!
Also, the offices of I LOVE RICH wish everyone a happy and sexy holliday season……

Yeah, Thanks to all you guys and gals who came out to the Prodigal Son last night – a great time was had by all! Some old faces and new faces in the crowd too (and mostly good looking faces too, for that matter). The Prodigal Son is a really cool place to play – we’ll probably play there again soon. We’ve got a lot of shows in the works, check the shows page next week or two and we should have a bunch of new dates.
In other news, The Rich Worldwide offices are moving this weekend. So ladies, sarting Monday Spetember 30th 2002, send your underwear and naked pictures to
2152 W. Walton, Suite 2-E
Chicago, IL 60622

Hey, lots in the works. First off, we’d like to thank the just shy of capacity crowd at The Catcus Club in Milwaukee for the dynamite show on Friday. We’ll be back to Beertown soon (probably in November). We’re going to have lots of shows coming up soon, the shows page will be updated as things are confirmed – Drew’s been overseas for a few weeks so we sort of slacked off in the shows department. Expect a population explosion over there in about 9 months…
In other news, we are the band of the month over at CD Smash. They’re giving away 10 autographed copies of “THE GREATEST ROCK’N’ROLL ALBUM OF ALL TIME!”, so you should go over there and see if you can still get in on the contest, you cheap bastard!
Lastly, the offices of RICH WORLDWIDE are going to move at the end of the month, we’ll have the new offices snail mail addy up in a few days.

Hey, we’ve had some problems with the server, which explains the lack of updates lately. There’s a ton goin’ on, so rather than have the longest news update ever, I’ve just explained everything that’s going on on the latest Rich’s page here

A big thanks to all of you who made it out to the Fireside Bowl Saturday night for the big rock and roll show. Both Mexican Cheerleader and The Expatriates were great, but wouldn’t you know it, we did totally steal the show. Fear not, those of you unlucky souls who missed out on this spectacular, we are playing an EARLY set (9:00) at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on Thursday June 20. And oh yeah, if you were wondering about the hot new I LOVE RICH line up, you should check out RICH’s new page entry for all the gory details

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been really busy lately. Anyway your prayers have been answered (at least for those of you in the Chicago area) I LOVE RICH is playing out again! The debut show of the (sort-of) new line-up will be at the Fireside Bowl on June 1st for a late night rock and roll show. And we’ve got lots of other shows in the works, so keep checking back here for updates. And if you are interested in booking the band, you can contact us here.

All right, I hear your questions. You guys haven’t played out in over 2 months, what’s the deal? Well, there’s a lot of stuff going on. First off, we should be playing out by May (could be sooner) showing off our hot new line-up (more news to come on this subject). We had to re-tool the band, and quite frankly, there’s not a better time for this kind of project than over the long, cold midwest winter. Things are getting sexier every week, and truthfully we’re kind of itching to play, so as soon as we’re ready, we’ll be out there. So stop bugging me about it! In other I LOVE RICH news, we will be featured on a few different releases coming up. A few comps, a 7inch with a few really cool Chicago bands, and there’s a possibility of us winding up on a major tribute record. Which would require a trip to the studio, so the upcoming releases may or may not include new material. As always, as soon as we know, you’ll know. As some of you noticed, we’ve redone our links page, we just made them simpler and more compact. The links page was too long and really becoming a mess, so we just wanted to clean it up a bit. And one last note, if you are one of the few unlucky souls who haven’t picked up your copy of “THE GREATEST ROCK’N’ROLL ALBUM OF ALL TIME!”, you can pick up a copy from the good folks at Chicago Music, here’s a link for you –
Chicago Music Scene

Hey everyone, we had a great time doing the 8th annual RICH-mass show at the Fireside December 23rd, it was blast. We overcame a little power (or to be precise, a lack OF power) problem the Fireside had before the set and had a great show! May have been the most obnoxious crowd ever (We mean that in a good way). First off we need to thank Mr. Chuck E. Sleez (or as you may know him, Chuck Uchida) for sitting in with us. He did a great job, it was actually the most fun show we’ve had in a while. Also, we need to give a “shout out” (as the rap kids say) to our friends in Mexican Cheerleader and The Mashers for playing 2 hot sets, and we also need to thank everyone who came out to the Fireside to check out a real rock and roll show rather than spend time with their families! Thanks again if you made it out, and if you didn’t well, you missed out! Hopefully, the Fireside will still be here next year and we’ll see you there. Happy Holidays!

Yesterday Craig Williams at played Rock’n’Roll Party Tonight from our new CD on his weekly Uncharted program.

Gonna, Gonna Get Some has been released on the No Coast Volume 1 Compilation CD distributed through Sock Hat 77. This can be purchased directly through them. A link can be found on the Discography, and Friends pages. At the moment there are talks of us appearing on some other compilation CDs. More on that when we have something definite. The reviews are finally starting to come in. Of course they are all wonderful. Rich has also been doing interviews with various ‘zines and fanpages. When these become available we will post links and/or all the info you need to check them out yourself. Drewblood made it home.

Due to recent events Drewblood has been detained in London. Despite his best efforts he is unable to re-enter the United States before our scheduled appearance at Peacefest on Sunday, September 23rd. We apologize to all involved, but obviously this is well beyond anyones control at this point. If you are in the London area Drewblood has just a handful of those free promo CDs left that he has been distributing all over Europe.

We have the new album. It will be availabe through online distributors, and at our record release show July 13th. We sent the first batch out today, and as soon as we have purchasing details we will let you know. Please don’t send us any money. We’re are not selling them through this website.

We spent all day yesterday hammering out the artwork and layout for the new CD. There is only one way to describe it appropriately, Sexxy. Not much longer now…

On February 4th we will be completing the layout for “The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Record of all Time” with Mark Mensching. Mark as you all recall did the layout for our groundbreaking live album, “Live, Wett, Drippin’ with Sexx”. Once this work is completed the whole package is off to the printers, and by March the world will be a much different place.

Surprise, Surprise. Several shots from our recent photo shoot with Christine Tobias have been added to her online portfolio. Portfolios, webcasts, live albums, major label record deals; where will it all end?

In case you haven’t noticed yet December is off to a hot start with a live webcast the 3rd from Double Door. We expect nothing but the best, because we are the best. Go watch it at Digital Club Network. Don’t forgot about the rest of our dates for the month.

Can you feel the heat? Things are really starting to pick up here. We had a great photo shoot yesterday for the new album, and our website here. To quote the photographer in her exact words, “These are the pictures that are going to make me famous”. Well, how could they not? They are pictures of I Love Rich after all. If you haven’t checked out our show listings you should do that now. There are three ridiculously good ones in December. We do realize that the average consumer could not possibly handle that much rock in one tiny month. But in the spirit of the upcoming Richmas season we feel that it is our duty to give it out just as much as we can. Give all of your friends a real holiday treat this year, and bring them out to see I Love Rich.

Things have been kind of quiet on the gig front lately, but don’t worry. We’re working on some real good ones for the end of the year. We have a photo shoot set up on Nov. 5th, and hope to have the layout of the new CD finished by the end of the year.

We mastered the album last week with Blaise Barton at the board. No, he’s not the guy who used to sing for Iron Maiden, but a damn good guy none the less. We’re sure he is honored to have worked on the greatest rock record of all time (as first reported by MK Ultra magazine). Now we’re in the process of putting the artwork together, and seeing what kind of offers are coming our way to put it out.
We’d like to thank everyone who has been dropping by to check out our new home here. As you can see by the counter out front there has been a lot of traffic lately. It just goes to show that sooner or later people will come looking for the real deal.

The folks over at M.K. Ultra know raw sexx appeal when they see it. That’s why they have exclusive photos of I Love Rich in their images section on two different pages. The first is here, and the second is here.
Rich recently did a Chicago scene report for Troll Zine in Wales. You can check that out here.

Yes, it has been a while. We’ve been working real hard to get the new site up and running so some things have been put aside in the mean time. As usual this new website will be ever changing, but we feel it will serve our needs better. And our needs are your needs, so it works well for all of us. If you do find something that isn’t working, please drop a line just to make sure we get to it. There are new photos of us at the MK Ultra site (where else), and a new review on the Troll Zine page. As soon as I can I’ll put direct links to these. But for now you can take the long route through Our Friends page. We’re worth it. We would also like to say Hi to our new supporter Metal Babe. Her Metalicious page can be found on the Friends page too.
In band news; The new CD is being mastered this Wednesday, Oct 11th.

MP3s are everywhere now.
Some of you have been bugging me about the new RICH sign. Where the hell is it already? Well, we had it pretty much ready to go back in May. But something got screwed up while the electrical contractor was trying to finish up the lighting. We never really found out what exactly. So, we had to wait around for him to sort his end out, and put the thing back together. What we have ended up doing is installing some temporary circuits because some of the gear needed is on back order until December! The new RICH sign was premiered in all if its blazing glory last Sat. at the Beat Kitchen, but most of you were there anyways, so you know that. Despite the wiring problems, we still think it’s pretty cool. As soon as we can we’ll have some photos up.

We are currently a featured artist at American Underground you can read all about us, as well as listen to MP3’s of the greatest rock band alive. While you’re cruising the web also stop by United Musician.Org. Good guys who know their rock.

The new album will be titled “The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Record of all Time”. Sure, it’s kinda obvious, but it’s the truth.

I know this is kind of late, but the May 6th headline on the MK Ultra website reads “I Love Rich to record the greatest rock record of all time”. You can check this out directly by clicking here. Who says you can’t trust the media?

The Night Ranger show was awesome to say the least. The new album is recorded. It has to be mastered, and we need to do the artwork. We are beginning to talk with labels about putting it out; we’ll see_ what happens.

The Night Ranger show has been confirmed. We will be in the studio May 13,14; 20,21 to finish up the CD

There are some cool pictures of us up at the M.K. Ultra web
site. They can be found on our friends page.

Our show at Thurstons was a bit weird. Two bands cancelled leaving an unanticipated two hour gap between the first band and us. To make matters worse our smoke machine broke, but being the professionals we are, we decided to perform anyways. Thanks to our fan who flew in from Boston.
We will be back in the studio the second or third weekend in May

Many thanks to the entire staff of Bossa Nova records, and all of the fans who came out to rock with us friday. Lansing Illinois, we will be back.

We have just received copies of a compilation CD on Escape Pod Records that features a rare version of Hot Chocolate. This is the only place that this track will be available so order now. For more info click on their web site, or onto our CD page.

We are pleased to announce the addition of our latest guitar player – Samuel L. Action. Mr. Action will be performing with us in April, so get on out where the action is.

Our show with the Spreaders and Mulligan Stu went well. One of the smaller crowds we’ve played too in a while, but also one of the loudest we’ve ever played too.

We mixed the seven songs that we recorded in January, and are quite pleased with the results. Sometime around late March/April we’ll go back in to record the second half of the album.

We’re almost done auditioning guitar players. By next week we should have it down to two or three guys. Everyone who has come in so far has been pretty good, and well prepared. Making a decision this time is not going to be easy, but there are worse problems to have. You have probably noticed the link to our first fan page. While there really isn’t anything up there yet we would like to thank Dina for her assistance. We’re sure that once she gets a bit more comfortable with the internet her site will be just fine.

We’ll be back in the studio on Feb 6th to mix down the seven tracks we finished recording. We are currently in the middle of auditioning new guitar players, and writing new material.

We had a spectular weekend in the studio. The three songs we did last time were fixed, and we did four new ones. Three of these were done in one take. The fourth in two. We expect to go back in in about a month and do several more new songs.

I Love Rich will begin their new album Jan. 8th/9th at Attica studios with Chuck Uchida.

I don’t think anyone left the Rich-mas party disappointed, or without a present. At the last minute a fifth act was added onto the bill, but they never showed up. Then Xnight bisonX had to cancel, so there were only three bands. We were worried that we would go on so early that no one would have showed up yet. Fortunately, we were able to stall. The first act played to an empty room and quickly packed up their gear and left. Mulligan Stu kept all of the fine, foxxy ladies entertained while they awaited the arrival of Sexxy Claus. After being out of action for a while Rockfords finest certainly lived up to that title.
What can we say. That’s the craziest crowd we’ve played to in quite a while. Maybe it was the liquid substance in the over 21 presents that Sexxy Claus handed out, but thanks everyone. For those of you who weren’t able to make. The crowd was treated to “Venus”. It’s been a good two/three years since that one has been performed. With all the line-up changes over the years, the last two Rich-mas’s have been a bit shaky, this one made up for it. See you all at number 7, December 23rd, 2000!

If you’ve made it to the last two shows chances are you noticed we were performing as a three piece. Jeaff Leopard has been removed from the band. He was a fine guy, but it just wasn’t working out. Musically, and conceptually the three of us were on the same track, but Mr. Leopard was always elsewhere. The new album will be done as a three piece. We plan on adding a rhythm guitarist when we find the right person.

The Alc-O-Holiday was just that. We’d like to thank Alex from MK Ultra for asking us to headline. Things started off on a bit of a somber tone. Shirley from the old sitcom What’s Happening passed away on saturday, so the band felt it would be appropriate to dedicate their performance of Hot Chocolate in her memory. The entire night was filmed and recorded for a possible live CD. Unfortunately the sound at the venue wasn’t the best, and Rich was sick as a dog, so we’ll have to see if the tapes came out. Regardless of sound quality, they’ll show pretty clearly that when I Love Rich takes the stage you can’t stop the rock. Next up is Rich-mas, then we’ll be preparing to enter the studio and record our new album.

Unfortunately our scheduled studio time for this weekend has been post-poned. We should still be able to start the new album before the end of the year.

The Halloween show was complete madness to say the_ least. I really doubt that a better party was happening anywhere else. Special thanks go out to Vic Vacume and the Attachments, Teletubbies, War Blob, and
ZZ Top. Hopefully we’ll have some photos up in the next week.

BERWYN ROCK CITY! Wow. We were not expecting much of a turn out at Uncle Snorkeys this weekend, but it appears that Berwyn likes to rock. A good time was had by all. Never did meet Snorkey…

Thanks to all who rocked out with us and the Trash Brats last night. Things ran later than expected, but it was worth it. The sixth annual Rich-mas show will be held Dec. 23rd at the one and only Fireside Arena. If you have been to any one of the previous five, you know that this is the biggest Rich-mas party of them all.
Studio time has been booked for the beginning of November to begin work on a new album.

Check out our listings at Chicago Music Zine, and their review of our “Hot, Wet, Drippin’ With Sexx” album

Hey kids, it appears as if Hot Chocolate will be appearing on some sort of compilation soon. I don’t have any details yet, but I’ll let you know when I do

I Love Rich are currently preparing to go back in the studio and create the second greatest rock album of all time. If you recall our first one “Live, Wet, Drippin’ With Sexx” is the first greatest rock record of all time. That’s right kids, it’s all downhill from here.
We’ve been writing a lot of new material, and are attempting to weed out the phenominal ones from the merely great.
We are also trying to decide who will receive the great honor of recording us, and what undeserving label will be permitted to put out our new record. Other than that we’re out in the streets bringing the rock to the people. Check our show listings ’cause Roctober is gonna be scorcher.